4 burning questions Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 18 at Saints

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Carolina Panthers 2023 draft plans

Because we made a push for the playoffs our first-round pick is sitting around the late single digits. Should we trade up for a QB or draft a different position? – Carter

Carter, I think the answer to this question will be quite fluid over the next few months or so. There is a lot that can happen between now and the NFL Scouting Combine, free agency, and most importantly the NFL Draft.

I will say trading up for a quarterback and drafting another potential premium position in the first round this year are entirely possible.

The NFL Draft is very unpredictable, and I will be detailing this in an article for fans in the coming days with some draft tips to have for the upcoming cycle. While the chance seems very slim at the moment, there is always a possibility that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young could be available. You never know.

If Scott Fitterer believes that they can use the draft capital at their disposal to trade up for Young or Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, I think they should absolutely consider it.

In years past, I wasn’t fond of the idea of trading up considering the Carolina Panthers never had any viable assets to get a Tua Tagovaolia or a Justin Herbert. Now, that is no longer the case thanks in part to the picks acquired in the Christian McCaffrey trade to the San Francisco 49ers.

However, I think if the Panthers are to sit tight in the late teens they could still land Anthony Richardson or Will Levis. Outside of the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and Las Vegas Raiders, there are teams that might not draft a quarterback this year.

The Detroit Lions have been productive with Jared Goff. The Seattle Seahawks have gotten Pro Bowl-level production from Geno Smith and should bring him back. The Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, and Atlanta Falcons don’t have a pressing need either.

Again, this is very fluid. Ask me again in another month where I stand on this matter. It is a very interesting discussion considering the circumstances.