5 draft tips for Carolina Panthers fans heading into 2023 offseason

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There are very few guarantees in the NFL Draft

When I first started evaluating prospects and providing my own analysis of them, one thing I came to learn very quickly was that the NFL Draft is one big guessing game. There are very few to no guarantees during the process and the event itself.

I remember in 2018, the first draft I did full evaluations and analysis on, there was one player I thought would be a no-brainer first-round pick. If I’m not mistaken, I can remember being quite definitive with this thought. The said player went undrafted and has not made any sort of impact in the NFL to my recollection.

For people like myself that evaluate players from outside the Carolina Panthers or any other organization, we don’t know all the information that front-office personnel and scouts do. If we did, the draft might not be as unpredictable as it is annually.

This is why I’ve usually given out analysis in more of a guessing manner than a definitive one. Never speak in absolutes when talking about prospects and where they are drafted.

There is no guarantee Anthony Richardson is a first-round selection. There is certainly no guarantee that Bryce Young is the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft nor that the Panthers will select a signal-caller at all.

Again, the NFL Draft is a big guessing game with few guarantees. Don’t be the one that has Freezing Cold Takes giving you an all-time ratio on Twitter.