5 burning questions Panthers fans are asking ahead of 2023 offseason

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Carolina Panthers trading up in the NFL Draft

What are the odds we trade up for Bryce Young? Are there any QBs in this draft that are worth multiple 1st round picks? – Issac

As I mentioned in last week’s mailbag, I think these types of questions will be very fluid as the NFL Draft process moves along.

You’re going to hear a lot of different things about this draft class. From my end, I don’t believe a team needs to give up multiple future first-round selections for a quarterback unless you’re striking a deal with the Chicago Bears.

The price tag for the No. 1 overall selection would require at a minimum two future first-round picks on top of some current draft capital in 2023. Someone will attempt to do this and I think the Carolina Panthers will be one of those inquiring.

Will they do it? It’s hard to say at this time.

Bryce Young is a great talent at quarterback, size concerns aside. He’s a playmaker and someone that can help an NFL franchise very quickly. His transition could be at a length, but the upside is evident.

However, he’s not an elite quarterback prospect compared to no-doubters such as Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Justin Herbert. Young grades out as a first-round prospect on my board, with a lower grade than I would’ve given to the aforementioned names on my current scale.

The biggest downfall is his size concern. I think Young’s arm is very good, but not elite. Some of his underlying issues will seem more like nitpicking but are valid for the next level such as throwing flat-footed, distributing off his backfoot, and exiting the pocket early at times.

Young is a tremendous prospect, and knowing some fans they will try and overthink his concerns rather than look at the big picture. The bottom line is that there is a risk in trading up to jump the Houston Texans and everyone else for the Alabama product, though he isn’t an all-world, elite prospect like others before him.

Someone will trade up for him and it could very well be Carolina. It’s worth the risk, in my opinion. All of this can be true.