4 offseason decisions that severely cost the Carolina Panthers in 2022

(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Robbie Anderson
(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Robbie Anderson /
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Which offseason decisions severely cost the Carolina Panthers during another losing campaign for the organization in 2022?

Looking back at the 2022 Carolina Panthers season is frustrating. Especially considering what could have been for a team that had a chance despite their consistently poor decisions.

The Panthers had themselves in a position to win the division with a 14-point lead on Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Instead, the secondary and Sam Darnold both collapsed late, leaving Carolina facing another long offseason looking for their next head coach and signal-caller.

While Steve Wilks and Darnold will both get the consideration, it would be surprising to see either back next season. That’s harsh – especially on the interim head coach – but team owner David Tepper has his own ideas about how to progress the franchise.

A playoff berth might not have changed this, one suspects. But it would be a huge accomplishment for Wilks and a reason for fans to believe this team was heading in the right direction.

Carolina’s campaign will fall under a missed opportunity. This should not be blamed on one game but on the decisions before competitive action began.

Looking back, it is easy to see the moves that cost the Panthers what could have been a playoff berth. Carolina consistently hurt itself, but which decisions became the catalyst behind their undoing in 2022?