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Carolina Panthers were right not to trade Brian Burns

I promised myself I wouldn’t get into this conversation again. Yet, here we are.

During the trade deadline this season, rumors were swirling that star pass rusher Brian Burns could be traded in a fire sale following Matt Rhule’s firing. Many believed the franchise was about to hit the reset button.

Instead, teams were told no when it came to making offers for the defensive end. One of those offers reportedly came from the Los Angeles Rams, which included a second-round pick this year, together with 2024 and 2025 first-round selections.

Boy, I’m glad Scott Fitterer said no to the Rams. Burns turned in a career year with the Carolina Panthers, racking up 12.5 sacks and 17 tackles for loss, all career highs.

It’s safe to say that Burns will be receiving a new contract extension from Carolina this offseason. This is likely to be somewhere in the $17-20 million per year range.

What is the argument for trading Burns?

Of course, you get the picks to stock up on and build for the future. Though, it wouldn’t make sense for a Rams organization that has issues all over their roster even at full strength. It would be a move that would’ve likely put Los Angeles in a tailspin and have Les Snead out the door.

And yes, Fitterer would’ve still had plenty of ammunition to trade up for a quarterback this offseason. Even so, finding another pass-rushing prospect to duplicate Burns’ impact and production as a player is a tough ask.

Considering the team was never going to trade Burns, D.J. Moore, and other core pieces in the first place, that shows me that Fitterer liked what he had on the roster. No. 53 was not going anywhere no matter the offer, which was the right call that looks to have paid off for the time being.