4 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers trading for Lamar Jackson

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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers would be giving up the farm

Trading for Lamar Jackson has untold potential. However, there are some other significant factors in this complex equation that shouldn’t be ignored.

The Baltimore Ravens are going to use the franchise tag on Jackson. This gives them a little extra time to either work out a new deal or get substantial compensation in return for the former first-round pick.

Jackson’s dual-threat capabilities are nothing short of electrifying. Staying healthy is sometimes a problem, but any team lucky enough to land the player if Baltimore does become receptive to trade offers is going to be challenging for a Super Bowl.

It’s been a long time since the Panthers have been held in such regard. However, the compensation Baltimore will ask for Jackson’s services to be taken elsewhere will be jaw-dropping.

Multiple first-round selections are just the opening discussions. Some Day 2 picks and perhaps even talented players on rookie contracts will also be included before any trade gets rubber-stamped.

Although it’s immensely tempting for Carolina considering their quarterback woes in recent years, general manager Scott Fitterer’s preference to draft and develop could mean their assets are used to trade up and land someone like C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young, instead.