4 best-case scenarios for the Carolina Panthers 2023 offseason

(Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images) Frank Reich
(Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images) Frank Reich /
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What are some best-case scenarios surrounding the Carolina Panthers during what promises to be another fascinating offseason in 2023?

A new era dawns for the Carolina Panthers and optimism is higher than it has been in some time. Some eye-catching moves by head coach Frank Reich have laid the foundations, but this is just the start to what is hopefully going to be a profitable offseason for the organization.

There is a lot of hard work left before the Panthers come together for OTAs. Important events such as free agency and the 2023 NFL Draft will strengthen the roster, with many current players facing uncertain futures ahead of the usual contract decisions and necessary sacrifices.

If the Panthers can build on some newfound momentum, there’s every chance they can compete for the NFC South title. Something that was almost accomplished last season before losing at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 17.

Looking ahead with positivity, here are four best-case scenarios surrounding the Panthers during the 2023 off-season.

Best-Case Scenario No. 1

Carolina Panthers
(Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) D’Onta Foreman /

Carolina Panthers extend top stars

For the Carolina Panthers to maintain continuity, it’s important some established stars are retained. In particular, running back D’Onta Foreman and veteran center Bradley Bozeman.

Both players came on leaps and bounds over the second half of 2022. Although money is tight, their presence would be highly beneficial for Frank Reich in his first season as head coach.

Extending them should be among Carolina’s top priorities. Keeping both around would represent a massive statement of intent.