How DeAngelo Hall can lead Jaycee Horn to All-Pro campaign in 2023

(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) DeAngelo Hall
(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) DeAngelo Hall /

DeAngelo Hall joining the Carolina Panthers coaching staff could propel cornerback Jaycee Horn into the All-Pro conversation in 2023.

It’s hard not to look at the way Frank Reich has molded his coaching staff and be anything other than impressed. The head coach left no stone unturned and Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has clearly provided his new man at the helm with an endless supply of cash to get the right figures into the organization.

While the NFL has strict salary-cap rules for players, the same does not apply to coaches and front-office figures. Something that Tepper has clearly taken advantage of this offseason in pursuit of finally turning the Panthers around.

Almost everything is now in place. So it won’t be much longer before the primary focus turns to current players’ futures, free agency, and the 2023 NFL Draft.

These decisions on the personnel side will have a huge say on whether Carolina can emerge into legitimate contention next season. But a recent caching hire stands to benefit one particular player more than most if the pair hit it off.

Carolina Panthers hiring DeAngelo Hall is great news for Jaycee Horn

The Panthers confirmed that former Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall has agreed to leave his analyst position to begin his coaching journey in Carolina. His official title is assistant defensive backs coach, which could be the spark that ignites Jaycee Horn to a potential All-Pro selection in 2023.

This is a lofty goal for Horn to aim for – especially considering the talent at the position across the league. But if anyone can bring about those extra improvements in his already exceptional production, it’s Hall.

Of course, Hall’s confrontations with Steve Smith Sr. during their playing days were iconic. Neither gave an inch during some memorable battles, so the Panthers are hoping he can bring this mentality to his newfound coaching duties.

Horn is not short of a word or two either thanks to his fiercely competitive edge. This looks like two personalities that should mesh well and Hall knows exactly what it takes to succeed at the very top for good measure.

This could also have a positive impact on C.J. Henderson and Keith Taylor Jr. – although both have far lower ceilings than Horn based on recent production. Hall’s experience as a safety later in his career is another fascinating factor behind his appointment.

Horn certainly looked like a premier shutdown cornerback in 2022 before injury struck at the worst possible time. It’s also worth remembering that this was his first real taste of prolonged NFL action after breaking his foot after 2.5 games as a rookie.

It won’t take much refinement for Horn to make another leap into All-Pro consideration this offseason. A fresh set of eyes from Hall and other staff could be exactly what the player needs entering Year 3 of his professional career.

Obviously, strengthening the playing side of things is of paramount importance. But if the Panthers have shown by their coaching acquisitions, they are more than capable of doing what’s necessary within a far more structured environment than when Matt Rhule held absolute power.

Horn and Hall working together comes with untold potential. One that the Panthers could benefit from enormously when competitive action resumes once again.

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