10 prospects the Carolina Panthers should monitor at 2024 Senior Bowl

The pre-draft assessment stage has arrived...

Javon Bullard
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Carolina Panthers should monitor Brandon Dorlus

  • Defensive Line | Oregon Ducks

Adding to the defensive front is another item on the Carolina Panthers' agenda this offseason. Derrick Brown performed at an All-Pro-caliber level, but that wasn't the case with everyone despite some encouraging signs from Nick Thurman when called upon.

Brandon Dorlus' athleticism jumps out whenever he takes the field. He moves magnificently for a man his size while also boasting the gap integrity to hold his ground against the run. He looks more than ready for a step up to the next level, although there is some work ahead regarding tackling technique to ensure his transition goes off without a hitch.

Carolina Panthers should monitor Cam Hart

  • Cornerback | Notre Dame Fighting Irish

As previously stated, the Panthers could use another physically imposing cornerback to assist their already decent pass defense. Jaycee Horn remains a shutdown presence when healthy and Donte Jackson enjoyed one of the best seasons of his pro career in 2023. Aside from that, there are more questions than answers.

Cam Hart has the size, wingspan, and physicality needed to make an immediate impression. Oe doesn't have to look far around the league to see how first-year corners can struggle if given too much responsibility early on. Thankfully, the Notre Dame prospect had a good footing within a prestigious program and would be allowed to develop at his own pace behind Horn and Jackson in this scenario.

Carolina Panthers should monitor MarShawn Lloyd

  • Running Back | USC Trojans

Chuba Hubbard's emergence into a genuine RB1 doesn't detract from the need to make another addition to Carolina's running back room. This bears special significance if Miles Sanders cannot bounce back from a rough first year with the Panthers and Raheem Blackshear doesn't return.

MarShawn Lloyd might be the most physically imposing, but he does all the little things well. He can spot holes quickly and attack with aggression. He is also a decent weapon catching passes out of the backfield, displaying assured hands and good vision to spot soft zones. Expecting him to occupy a starting role is unrealistic, but there's nothing to suggest the USC prospect cannot involve himself on the rotation right out of the gate.