3 bold Bryce Young predictions for Carolina Panthers at Falcons in Week 1

Bryce Young finally makes his long-awaited competitive NFL debut this afternoon.
Bryce Young
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Bold predictions for quarterback Bryce Young as he looks to mark his competitive Carolina Panthers debut with victory at the Atlanta Falcons.

After all the hype and flashing during the preseason, quarterback Bryce Young gets to finally show the NFL world what he's made of during his competitive NFL debut at the Atlanta Falcons in just a few short hours. The Carolina Panthers are expecting big things from the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, who came into the organization at great expense following their decision to trade with the Chicago Bears.

Young is fully embracing every challenge and the Panthers have been glowing in their praise of the signal-caller from the moment he got into the building. His meticulous preparations and full grasp of Carolina's offense should stand him in good stead - even if this represents a journey into the unknown from all involved.

Looking ahead to the clash, here are three bold predictions for Young at the Falcons.

Bryce Young completes 75% of his passes

If the Carolina Panthers want to start their season with victory over NFC South rivals, then putting Bryce Young in manageable situations is the best way to go. This involves establishing the run, keeping him upright, and calling plays that maximize his accuracy at all three levels of the field.

The Panthers don't need Young to be a hero, not yet anyway. If the Heisman Trophy winner is efficient and protects the football, that might be enough to generate the yards needed to thrive.

Young's career pass completion percentage in college was 65.8 over a three-year span. Asking him to raise this to 75% in Week 1 is a tough ask, but these are bold predictions for a reason.