3 bold Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason predictions

It's an offseason of immense importance for the Carolina Panthers in 2024.

David Tepper
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Bold offseason predictions for the Carolina Panthers as they look to finally put together a plan for sustainable success in 2024.

Things couldn't have gone much worse for the Carolina Panthers in 2023. Big claims of being in a position to drop quarterback Bryce Young into the mix and take off turned out to be anything but. The team finished with just two wins. Head coach Frank Reich and general manager Scott Fitterer paid with their jobs.

David Tepper has taken some serious heat in recent weeks. His act of petulance at the Jacksonville Jaguars aside, it's been one unmitigated disaster after another throughout his ownership. This puts enormous pressure on the billionaire to finally put the correct individuals into positions of power.

All hope is not lost for the Panthers, but it seems as if a long road back to prominence awaits. Laying the foundations is the primary goal in the coming months. Something that can hopefully improve the on-field product and provide some optimism for a fanbase becoming increasingly disillusioned.

With this in mind, here are three bold offseason predictions for the Panthers in 2024.

Carolina Panthers make Ed Dodds their new GM

David Tepper has hired a consultancy firm to assist with his hiring process this offseason. The Carolina Panthers are casting their net far and wide to find the right leaders to reestablish the culture. They also need to conjure some much-needed structure across the front office to improve the team's roster construction.

Interviews are ongoing with very little information aside from confirmed names. The Panthers are seemingly intent on keeping Dan Morgan around in some capacity according to reports. This is a contentious issue considering his close association with recently fired general manager Scott Fitterer.

This is a long shot, but our first bold prediction is the Panthers making Ed Dodds their next front-office leader. The Indianapolis Colts assistant general manager seems to be the sort of progressive figure needed to raise standards. It's not the biggest name, but it might be the best.