3 bold Carolina Panthers predictions at the Titans in Week 12

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Carolina Panthers defense creates 3 turnovers

After veteran Ryan Tannehill once again failed to meet expectations before a spell out through injury, the Tennessee Titans officially named Will Levis as their starting quarterback. The Carolina Panthers should be well-versed in what the signal-caller could bring to the table after scouting the prospect heavily once they'd made their daring move up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Levis was a polarizing figure during his assessment phase. The cannon for an arm was never in question, but questions about his indifferent final season at Kentucky and perceived lack of commitment saw him fall out of the first round completely.

The gunslinger's flashed during his brief stint under center so far. But the Panthers could force the inexperienced player into mistakes if they can somehow manage to generate pressure from their front seven.

For all Carolina's faults - and there have been many - Ejiro Evero's done a nice job defensively despite countless injuries to key personnel. Many are now returning to the lineup, so finishing the campaign strongly is a realistic objective on this side of the football.

If the Panthers can force some errors out of Levis and capitalize on turnover opportunities, that would provide a solid foundation to potentially secure their second triumph of the season. Whether the offense meets its end of the bargain is the bigger question.