3 bold predictions for the Carolina Panthers at Dolphins in Week 6

The Carolina Panthers have a lot on their plate this weekend...

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young gains 300 passing yards

Although there are some throwing significant and unfair shade at quarterback Bryce Young, he's progressing each week. People are more intent on pushing their own personal agendas rather than fully supporting the signal-caller, which is a sorry state of affairs all things considered.

It's not perfect from Young and nobody should expect it to be. The weapons aren't up to the required standard, there is no dependable running game, and from a schematic point of view, there's either a lack of confidence to open things up or a lack of ideas about how to put the rookie and his playmakers in the best possible position to thrive.

Something has to give. If things don't improve this weekend at the Miami Dolphins, the calls for head coach Frank Reich to relinquish play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown will be deafening during the bye.

Young looks most comfortable operating within a high-tempo system. This cuts out the clock management complications and allows the Heisman Trophy winner a chance to showcase his elite-level processing while keeping the opposing defense on their toes.

The chances are high that the Panthers will be chasing this game - especially if they start slowly versus such a high-octane offense. Therefore, Young should get the chance to air things out and adopt the cerebral, gunslinging mentality that made him such a highly coveted prospect during the assessment process.

Young's career-high in passing yards came last time out at the Detroit Lions with 247. If the Panthers do get in a hole, then reaching the 300-yard milestone cannot be dismissed entirely.