4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Lions in Week 5

How did Bryce Young fare in Week 5?

Bryce Young
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What were some major observations from Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's performance at the Detroit Lions in Week 5?

Despite what some sections of the fanbase will tell you, Bryce Young has improved over his three NFL starts so far. The Carolina Panthers placed significant responsibilities on his shoulders right out of the gate, but the criticisms reading the team's inept offense revolved primarily around the bland schematic concepts implemented by Frank Reich rather than the rookie quarterback's own failings heading into Week 5 at the Detroit Lions.

It's not perfect, nor should it be at this point of Young's career. But the Panthers have to do more in pursuit of making things easier for their signal-caller - something the coaching staff was planning to do based on a report earlier today by Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports.

This was a tough game to make alterations against a team in red-hot form. As it turned out, it was another disastrous day at the office for Young and the Panthers.

With this in mind, here are four major observations from Young's performance in Week 5.

Bryce Young's best connection

It came as no surprise to see what Bryce Young's best connection was in Week 5. Anyone who's watched the Carlina Panthers this season knows that Adam Thielen is the only wide receiver capable of generating separation consistently and in all honesty, is one of very few players trusted to produce the goods.

Thielen ended the day with 11 catches from 13 targets for 107 receiving yards and one touchdown, which is another sign of developing chemistry with Young. This is an undoubted positive, but others just aren't doing enough within a scheme that continues to underwhelm.