3 bold trades Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan should consider in 2024

The Carolina Panthers need help. And they need it now.

Dan Morgan
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What bold trades should Carolina Panthers general manager Dan Morgan consider during his first offseason as the new front-office leader?

There is an untold amount of hard work ahead for general manager Dan Morgan this offseason. The Carolina Panthers were the NFL's worst team for a reason. They were nothing short of atrocious last season. There were very few positives to take. As such, the new regime has a significant mess to clean up.

The Panthers aren't blessed with huge resources this offseason. Morgan must squeeze every last drop from the assets available. While the need to rebuild gradually is obvious, Carolina must also maximize Bryce Young's rookie contract before things get more expensive in the coming years.

Morgan is looking to rid himself of Scott Fitterer's stench as his former right-hand man. Hitting the ground running and removing the skepticism surrounding his promotion is paramount. Whether that results in going a little bolder is the right opportunity comes along remains to be seen.

With this in mind, here are three bold trades Morgan should consider during the 2024 offseason.

Carolina Panthers could trade into Round No. 1

Much has been made about the Carolina Panthers giving up the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft. Nobody in the building thought this scenario would come to fruition after making a daring trade-up for Bryce Young. Yet another grave error in judgment from Scott Fitterer that's put Dan Morgan in a bad spot.

The Panthers are sitting at No. 33 overall, which isn't a bad consolation prize all things considered. Much will depend on how things unfold in front of them, but striking with conviction for a prospect high on their board can be accomplished by trading into Round No. 1.

Morgan needs to be 100 percent convinced of said prospect. If someone like Brock Bowers fell out of the top 15 due to positional importance, that's something to consider. Some analysts also project a run on wide receivers later in the draft. The Panthers could jump the queue to avoid settling for seconds.