3 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 18 vs. Bucs

The end of the regular season road has mercifully arrived...

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What burning questions are Carolina Panthers fans asking ahead of the team’s regular-season finale against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

There is only one more game left of the Carolina Panthers lowly season. The franchise has lost 14 games for the first time since 2010 with no first-round pick to compensate for their failings.

It has been an embarrassing start to the New Year if you are a Panthers fan. The team owner throws a drink at a fan and refuses to apologize in his statement days later. After a promising offensive showing on Christmas Eve, the unit reverted to its normal self at the Jacksonville Jaguars with the incapability of playing complimentary football while being unable to protect its rookie quarterback.

As a fan, this is the worst season I’ve ever witnessed. There was much hope and excitement around the team when I attended training camp in the summer. Things seemed to be trending in the right direction. In hindsight, no one expected this kind of collapse, especially with a sensational quarterback prospect like Bryce Young.

There were many questions asked by fans about David Tepper and “DrinkGate.” Feel free to check out my thoughts on the matter and how it may affect the team’s ability to hire a quality coach or general manager to lead the team. However, it’s important to understand that I don’t have a lot of great things to say about the micro-managing, egotistical, and petulant billionaire at this time.

This is the next-to-last Cat Crave mailbag before the start of yet another critical offseason for the franchise. A few Panthers fans will have the honor of getting their burning questions answered with some curiosity surrounding potential offensive coordinator candidates and the protection in front of Young.

Without further ado, here are three burning questions Panthers fans are asking ahead of the final week of this disappointing regular season.