3 Carolina Panthers with the quickest routes back to prosperity in 2024

These Carolina Panthers players can fast-track themselves back to prosperity.
Austin Corbett
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The stakes are tremendously high for the Carolina Panthers next season. Dave Canales moved quickly to restore a sense of belonging and belief across the franchise. Things look far more optimistic now than at any stage during the 2023 campaign. At the same time, their short-term fortunes are still hanging in the balance.

Carolina was the NFL's bottom feeder in 2023. That's no secret after things took another disgraceful turn on and off the field. Canales firmly turned the page and got everyone to focus on the future. This new collective way of thinking and renewed purpose stands to benefit everybody.

The new head coach can only do so much. Players who vastly underachieved last season need to take that embarrassment personally. They must display the right work ethic and personal pride to right some wrongs. Canales and his staff will play key roles, but struggling individuals need to hold themselves accountable to improve their aspirations when competitive action commences once again.

With this in mind, here are three Panthers players with the quickest routes back to prosperity in 2024.

Austin Corbett - Carolina Panthers C

The Carolina Panthers are tasking Austin Corbett with a challenging position switch in 2024. Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis' high-profile arrivals mean the former second-round selection is moving to the center spot. This came after Bradley Bozeman was released and subsequently signed for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Corbett is coming off two serious knee complications. He's also got no NFL starting experience anchoring the offensive line. It's a big gamble that could go either way, but those in power are confident it can reap the necessary rewards.

Fans have concerns, especially considering undrafted free agent Andrew Raym is the only specialist center on the 90-man roster currently. Brady Christensen's getting backup reps if Corbett cannot meet expectations, but he's got the same inexperience despite boasting some decent athletic attributes.

What comes next is down to Corbett. If he stays healthy, provides effective communication, develops a rapport with quarterback Bryce Young, and provides the protection he's displayed throughout his NFL career, it'll be a quick route back to prosperity. Something that could enhance his chances of a new deal beyond 2024 along the way.