3 Carolina Panthers selling points during critical Ben Johnson interview

The big meeting is almost upon us.

Ben Johnson
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Carolina Panthers can sell Bryce Young's potential

Bryce Young didn't have the best rookie season. The Carolina Panthers failed to put the right pieces around their No. 1 selection in the 2023 NFL Draft. The fierce debates surrounding whether those in power made the right call are ongoing, but both of these statements are true.

Young's struggles are being placed under a greater microscope thanks to C.J. Stroud's exceptional first campaign

with the Houston Texans. The two situations are vastly different. Although the critics when the pick was made continued to offer scathing opinions with almost no context attached whatsoever.

The Panthers can sell Young's potential to Ben Johnson. He's done some sterling work with veteran quarterback Jared Goff over the last two years. This was another No. 1 pick down on his luck. One could argue the former Alabama star has more upside at this early stage of his career.

If Johnson doesn't legitimately believe in Young, there's no point even interviewing. The Panthers made a substantial investment in the Heisman Trophy winner. They aren't going to move on from him under any circumstances over the next two years. That's when a proper assessment can be made.

Selling Young's potential to become a franchise presence under center could intrigue Johnson. It's not the same style of quarterback as Goff. But there's a good chance such a bright mind can mold an offense that fits the signal-caller's skill set.