3 elite traits the Carolina Panthers are getting with Bryce Young

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What elite traits are the Carolina Panthers getting after making quarterback Bryce Young their No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft? 

As Bryce Young gears up for his formal welcome to the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium this afternoon, a new era dawns for the organization. Many analysts believed the Alabama product was the guy, which proved to be the case when Roger Goodell formally kicked off the 2023 NFL Draft by naming the No. 1 overall pick. 

While there are concerns, Young has everything one looks for in a franchise quarterback. And as head coach Frank Reich stated, when you examine the tape, he's the best.

The hard work begins shortly for Young, who'll link up with his new teammates and begin developing chemistry in readiness for a Week 1 start. Expectations will be in keeping with No. 1 picks of the past, but the prospect has the sort of character to make this gamble pay off. 

Not everyone was happy, but that's life. But what cannot be disputed is these three elite traits the Panthers are getting in Young. 

Elite Trait No. 1

Carolina Panthers
Bryce Young / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers are getting elite leadership

Bryce Young is so well-spoken, it's hard to imagine him turning into a ruthless killer between the white lines. While his small stature put some people off, this hasn't been the case with coaches and former teammates, who were all glowing in praise for the quarterback and his ability to lead from the front. 

Young gets everyone on the same page, puts them in the right positions, and motivates when he feels it's needed. He's also been a fantastic ambassador for the Crimson Tide, which is something that can make a seamless transition to the Carolina Panthers beyond a doubt. 

Cam Newton also recognized Young's qualities to get players "selling out" for him. Something that hasn't been seen in Carolina since the former NFL MVP was leading the charge.