3 reasons Bryce Young was the right pick for Carolina Panthers at No. 1

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After weeks of wondering, the Carolina Panthers have their guy. And there are reasons to suggest quarterback Bryce Young was the right call at No. 1 overall.

It's done. At long last, the Carolina Panthers confirmed their No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft after seven weeks of rumors, assessments, and heated debates among the fanbase. 

It was a remarkable moment - almost surreal - as Roger Goodell made his way to the podium. Something that revealed what many expected - Bryce Young hearing his name called first. 

The quarterback generated some significant momentum over the business end of evaluations. However, it appears as if this has been the prospect for some time based on what's emerged from leading insiders with knowledge of the situation.

Carolina's primary decision-makers were never going to please everyone. But there should be a level of trust between fans and the new regime given their outstanding work throughout a sensational offseason so far. 

With that being said, here are three reasons why the Panthers selecting Young was the right call all things considered. 

Reason No. 1 

Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers are getting a true leader

While Bryce Young might not have the flamboyance of Cam Newton, he was still regarded as an exceptional leader at Alabama. And don't let the quiet voice fool you - this is a highly competitive individual that demands a lot of himself and those around him. 

Young's got the look of a kid that keeps to himself and lets others take the lead. But when it's time to step up, the prospect is an absolute killer- someone that other players naturally gravitate towards and will run through brick walls for. 

This sentiment was recently echoed by Newton when discussing Young, saying that you could see his old Crimson Tide teammates were selling out for him on film. A fantastic recommendation by anyone's standards.