3 critical Bryce Young observations from Carolina Panthers training camp Week 2

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young relying on tape to get better

One of the things that set Bryce Young apart from other prospects during the Carolina Panthers' pre-draft evaluations was his ability to prepare efficiently using film as his guide. The quarterback is an elite processor and knows exactly what to pick up on tape - whether it's for opposition preparations or working out flaws in his game.

This is something Young is leaning upon heavily throughout camp. Perhaps more so last week considering the struggles Carolina's offense went through going up against Ejiro Evero's progressive defensive unit.

It hasn't been perfect. In fact, it's been pretty disjointed over recent days.

However, Young is not deviating from the methods that got him here in the first place. Something he elaborated on further after Saturday's woeful offensive display via the team's website.

"There are only two options at a certain point. Are you going to let it dwell? Or are you going to let it affect you the next play? Or are you going to move on and get better? And the only thing you can do is focus on the next rep. So, you know, when that next rep comes, and you know, it's pretty quick, you know, you got to whatever it is you do with it, and then you learn from that play, taking what happened that snap, and then you've got to go to the next. So you're constantly turning the page and turning the page. And, you know, we're all still trying to improve in that, myself included."

Bryce Young via Panthers.com

Young is going through a learning curve and is still enhancing chemistry with his primary playmakers. Not overreacting one way or another and focusing on getting better gradually remains the goal - which is mission accomplished to a large extent over the first fortnight of camp.