3 critical observations from Bryce Young's preseason performance at NY Giants

How did the Carolina Panthers quarterback perform during his second preseason game?
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's potential

Bryce Young has proven beyond all doubt how much talent he possesses. This represents a decent achievement when one considers the player's limited involvement and the Carolina Panthers deploying an extremely basic offensive scheme to keep everyone guessing heading into the regular season.

It's extremely positive and should encourage everyone associated with the Panthers. Young is only going to get better when true game-day concepts are deployed starting in Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons, which can hopefully provide the springboard needed behind better fortunes in 2023.

As for the preseason, that might be the last we see of Young. Frank Reich didn't divulge whether or not the rookie will suit up next weekend against the Detroit Lions, but the player is putting his trust in Carolina's coaching staff to make the right decision based on his comments via Augusta Stone from the team's website.

"I'm going to trust the coaches. Honestly, I don't know what the procedure is, and again, I know coaches are different. I wholeheartedly trust the coaches and whatever their decision is. We haven't talked about or discussed anything, but whatever coach Reich wants me to do and thinks is going to be the best for me and for the team, that's what I'm going to do."

Brye Young via Panthers.com

Whether Young plays in the preseason finale or not is a moot point. The player's already displayed enough of the exciting traits that enamored the Panthers to suggest big things are in his and Carolina's immediate future.