Carolina Panthers must trust the traits when assessing Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers struggled in Preseason Week 1, but the traits were there from Bryce Young.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't perfect, but there was a lot to like about the traits displayed by Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young against the New York Jets.

The dust has now firmly settled on Saturday's shutout reverse for the Carolina Panthers on home soil. Attention is already turning to their upcoming engagement this Friday evening at the New York Giants, which should see quarterback Bryce Young get more reps in a game-day environment after a modest debut in Preseason Week 1.

Young was on the field for 11 offensive snaps and although he was credited with 21 passing yards, there were plenty of reasons to be encouraged. Especially considering how little protection he received from an offensive line that felt the wrath of coach James Campen immediately after they got into the locker room.

Carolina Panthers have the real deal in Bryce Young

Evaluations for players like Young during the preseason can be sketchy. Most of the media tend to focus on the negatives rather than anything positive, but the Panthers should center their assessment on what made the former Alabama star so intriguing to them in the first place.

Simply put? Trust the traits.

Of course, it wasn't perfect. Frank Reich also revealed after the game that there was a generic scheme in place rather than the one Carolina will deploy when the regular season arrives.

Despite this, Young put his exceptional traits front and center. His rapid-fire processing enabled the Heisman Trophy winner to get the football out even when pressure inevitably arrived, with the player's pre-snap recognition of what was unfolding across the line of scrimmage also standing out considerably.

Couple this with an effective release, the ability to move on from one play to the next with flawless efficiency, and the first play of his professional career that involved a full-field, three-read throw just before a big hit came, and the Panthers have something special on their hands here.

This was a sentiment echoed by Vinne Iyer from Sporting News, who stated that it's Young's efficiency that will be crucial to the Panthers' chances of immediate success within a division that does look there for the taking all things considered.

"Keep in mind the Jets' overall defense is a tough early draw. The Panthers also plan to be run-heavier to help support their own promising defense. New feature back Miles Sanders, who's being revved up as a receiver again, also missed the game with a groin injury. The Panthers aren't asking Young to be a safe caretaker, but his efficiency is key to them taking the division when there are bound to be plenty of mistakes and missed throws in Atlanta, New Orleans and Tampa Bay. If Carolina does that, winning South with Young's efficiency, maturity and intangibles, he also is bound to also rip rookie of the year from Falcons running back Bijan Robinson."

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News

There's no need to deviate from the plan just because Carolina got humbled by a Jets team that looks absurdly deep on the defensive side. We live in a hair-trigger world full of hot takes and almost no perspective, which has seen Young unfairly criticized in a few sections from his first few snaps. Something that shouldn't matter to Reich or his staff.

Upon further examination of the tape, nothing could be further from the truth. There were one or two throws that Young would like to have back, but his command of the huddle and trust in the traits that have stood him in tremendous stead throughout a glittering football journey to date were pleasing, to say the least.

Just how much time Young sees on the field over the next two warmup games remains to be seen. While there is a need to get the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft more live-fire reps, the offensive line's putrid display leaves a level of trepidation that wasn't thought of previously.

Either way, fans should relax safe in the knowledge Young is the real deal. Bigger challenges are coming when competitive games arrive, but even the one big concern about withstanding NFL-caliber hits has been alleviated after just one preseason outing.

Processing. Poise. Precision. That's what brought Young to the dance and what installs every confidence for the short and long term.