3 critical observations from Bryce Young's preseason performance vs. NY Jets

How did the Carolina Panthers quarterback fare in his NFL debut?
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young got hit too much

The Carolina Panthers have to keep Bryce Young clean in the pocket for this monumental gamble to pay off. His size and weight are an outlier compared to the more traditionally-successful quarterbacks around the league, which brings major durability concerns that became a hot topic of debate during the pre-draft process.

Carolina's offensive line was abysmal against the New York Jets, to put it mildly. Young was under constant duress when on the field, got hit way too much, and was even sacked once for a loss of nine yards.

Not good enough - a sentiment echoed by veteran Cam Erving based on his comments via the team's website after the contest. There was also a furious meeting with offensive line coach James Campen thrown in as a further method of displeasure.

"Top to bottom, it doesn't matter if it was preseason, regular season, or offseason. The s--- was not good enough at any level, from any position, myself included, especially myself. All we can do is come back, try to regroup, and f---ing fix it. We know we did not play to our standard. So all that needed to be said was that s---'s not good enough. It's not about who's in it or who's called it; it just needed to be said and was said."

Cam Erving via Panthers.com

Young stood his ground in the pocket and got up quickly following each hit. But the Panthers missed Austin Corbett badly and this has to change at the earliest possible opportunity.