3 crucial matchups the Carolina Panthers must win at Dolphins in Week 6

A daunting task awaits...
Brian Burns
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What crucial matchups must the Carolina Panthers win to stand any chance of beating the Miami Dolphins in Week 6?

Well, here goes nothing.

After yet another disappointing, yet not entirely unexpected, loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, the Carolina Panthers are sitting at a dismal 0-5 and staring down a bumpy road ahead. There have been a lot of tough seasons in the team's history, but this one just might take the cake.

That bumpy road starts with the powerhouse that is the Miami Dolphins. And oh boy, does this one not look fun.

The Panthers are what they are at this point - a young and poorly coached team with little to be happy about on offense or defense mostly thanks to injuries. Meanwhile, the Dolphins are making their case as one of the most explosive offenses in league history.

Miles Sanders continues to be arguably the biggest bust of free agency, even if the maligned running back is getting absolutely no help from what is quite possibly the NFL's worst offensive line yet again. That isn't to say that the run game is the only issue this team faces, as the passing game has no life whatsoever outside of Adam Thielen.

Then you have the defense that continues to plug along after injuries took all the life and fire from the secondary. One cannot really blame them for not performing given the circumstances, but it is still just a little bit disappointing to see the same issue happen year after year.

There are significant issues on this team. Problems that have no clear solution, which is taking a harsh toll on the fanbase.

It's hard to see how this game ends well for the Panthers. It just won't happen. However, there are some ways that the team can garner some interesting knowledge and hopefully have a little fun with a game that feels out of reach even before it begins.