3 crucial matchups that will decide Carolina Panthers vs. Texans in Week 8

The Carolina Panthers have to win in Week 8...
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young vs. C.J. Stroud

Might as well get the headliner out of the way first. This is what the majority of the NFL fanbase will be looking for in this game. A battle between the two of the top quarterback prospects who never once faced one another until this coming weekend.

No matter what comes of these two rookie quarterbacks, they will forever be linked with one another. They were both available for the Carolina Panthers to take and the team chose Bryce Young instead. Early returns seemingly stating that this was not the best of decisions but it is still way too early to make that call.

Stroud has been nothing but electric to start the season with over 1,600 passing yards and nine touchdowns. He set the record for most completed passes to start a career without an interception and seemingly found ways to make the most out of his weapons.

A lot can be said about coaching as well as a lack of a supporting cast. However, Stroud isn't necessarily throwing to Stefon Diggs with the Texans and the two teams are eerily similar in a lot of ways. Albeit with a much healthier defense.

Both teams have little in the way of star power outside of their rookie quarterback and an offensive line that is less than stellar in pass protection. Yet Stroud is thriving and Young is not despite making encouraging strides of late.

Young has everything in the world to prove in this matchup. It will be interesting to see just how the rookie responds to the pressure.