3 dream scenarios for the Carolina Panthers in 2024

These scenarios would be a dream come true for the Carolina Panthers.
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Carolina Panthers win 7-9 games

After so much hope before the 2023 season, to see another campaign descend into embarrassment was appalling. The Carolina Panthers were devoid of quality, motivation, or ideas. That dangerous combination is not going to win many football games at the pinnacle of this wonderful profession.

Carolina managed two triumphs. They fired another head coach. General manager Scott Fittrerer's woeful roster construction meant he was also deemed surplus to requirements. This team is starting from rock bottom and looking to fight their way back to respectability.

Dave Canales has a plan in place to take the Panthers forward. He genuinely believes his team can impose themselves and make waves within the NFC South. Their strength of schedule also appears favorable, but everything must come together effectively throughout the summer to stand any chance of meeting raised objectives.

The bar isn't exactly high. It's been a constant stream of failures since David Tepper bought the franchise from Jerry Richardson. Any improvement in results would be a bonus, but picking up early momentum is crucial.

Projections are sketchy surrounding the Panthers right now. Most analysts believe some progress can be made. Nobody knows how much. They're something of an unknown quantity - something Canales might be able to take advantage of.

Expecting the Panthers to compete for the division title in Year 1 of Canales' tenure is unrealistic. However, it's not impossible if things start well, momentum is built gradually, and everyone keeps the bigger picture in mind through good times or bad.

If the Panthers could achieve somewhere in the region of 7-to-9 wins next season, it would be nothing short of remarkable. Canales might be aiming a little higher, but once the head coach sits down and looks back on his first campaign in the prominent coaching leadership position, he'll see it as a success.

After all, winning is hard in the NFL. Just ask Matt Rhule and Frank Reich.