3 elite traits Xavier Legette brings to the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have a new wide receiver.
Xavier Legette
Xavier Legette / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Xavier Legette's athleticism

At the end of the day, Xavier Legette is a bona fide athlete. Is he the finished article as a route-runner and separator? No, but one could argue that everyone outside of the first three wide receivers taken during the 2024 NFL Draft needs a little extra refinement in pursuit of carving out successful careers for themselves.

While Legette becomes more polished, the Carolina Panthers can still put his exceptional athleticism to good use. The comparisons to Jonathan Mingo seem a little unfair. He's quicker and stronger, boasting the contested catch quality that makes him stand out literally above the rest during his final campaign with the Gamecocks.

Legette's ability to get the football at its highest point. His vice-like grip and aforementioned coordination guaranteed he came down with a successful completion more often than not. That won't be nearly as easy in the pros, but there's a lot to like about his NFL-ready physique and how it might cope.

If Legette struggles to find his feet, the Panthers can go one of two ways. They could provide the wideout with some easy completions to build confidence and create yards after the catch opportunities or put his outstanding top-end speed to good use on vertical routes, which should scare defenses enough to open things up underneath. That is how special an athlete the Carolina Panthers have on their hands.

This selection wasn't the first choice of every Panthers fan, which is understandable considering the options available. However, head coach Dave Canales and general manager Dan Morgan saw enough in the player to move swiftly. They've developed a good rapport and playing his ball close to home is something else that comes with an extra level of motivation attached.

But above all else, Legette has the elite-level athleticism no Panthers wide receiver on the roster possesses currently. If he's nurtured correctly, a Bryce Young bounce-back won't be too far behind.