3 emerging alphas on the Carolina Panthers roster in 2024

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

One could forgive Bryce Young for being in self-preservation mode last season.

The Carolina Panthers did nothing to help the quarterback during an unforgettable rookie campaign. Many were looking out for themselves in the slim hope of keeping their jobs. The signal-caller just had to avoid getting hurt and hope the new regime had a better plan in place for his development.

Young was beaten to a pulp behind a woeful offensive line. The coaching staff didn't have a clue how to scheme things around his strengths. His supporting cast was subpar and he suffered accordingly. It was a complete catastrophe from start to finish.

The former Alabama star's got a different demeanor about him this offseason. Young is focused, benefitting greatly from head coach Dave Canales' presence, and is looking to lay the foundations for a more profitable campaign.

He's also looking to emerge as a vocal leader. Young seems reserved from the outside looking in, but he's becoming more comfortable in his surroundings. The signal-caller also displayed a willingness to call out his teammates and passionately give his opinion in the locker room late last season.

The Panthers need Young to become the franchise-caliber quarterback others can follow. His talent flashed last season amid the turmoil. Once confidence fully returns with Canales leading the charge, his true personality can shine through.

Carolina wants more from Young. They invested heavily around the Heisman Trophy winner this offseason. Excuses will be few and far between next time around, so the pressure is on to remind the world why he was such an exceptional prospect before being taken No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Young might not be the flamboyant alpha like Cam Newton quickly became for the Panthers. But they come in all shapes and sizes. Something that Carolina desperately needs at football's most pivotal position now more than ever.