3 free-agent wide receivers the Carolina Panthers could sign to help Bryce Young

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Carolina Panthers could sign Jarvis Landry

Despite enjoying a highly productive NFL career up to now, it's surprising to see Jarvis Landry still looking for employment. Perhaps the veteran is looking for a good fit on a team with hopes of lifting the Super Bowl in 2023, but nothing concrete has emerged as yet heading into the midseason point.

Landry is in danger of becoming forgotten. New wideouts are emerging from the college ranks with every passing year, so the Carolina Panthers could take advantage of this fact by giving him a route back into the league and the chance to help rookie quarterback Bryce Young along the way.

Injuries restricted Landry to just nine games with the New Orleans Saints last season. But the savvy veteran knows how to get open and with a 65.8 percent career catch percentage, has the ball skills to make plays all over the field.

Obviously, the Panthers are not in the best spot right now as the NFL's only winless team. However, they could offer someone like Landry decent money and an extended role if he picks up the playbook quickly.

This is something that most other teams couldn't currently. With 7,870 receiving yards and 38 touchdowns to his name, there are far worse avenues the Panthers could go down in pursuit of making things easier for Young over their remaining contests.