3 glaring Carolina Panthers needs after roster cuts in 2023

Scott Fitterer
Scott Fitterer / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers DL depth

The league-wide issue of offensive line depth is quite the opposite in the case of defensive lineman depth around the country.

The Carolina Panthers currently have five interior defensive linemen on their 53-man roster, including Nick Thurman and LaBryan Ray currently listed on the team's depth chart at nose tackle. In a league with plenty of talent in this position group overall, I have concerns about the potential rotation.

I approve of the franchise's move to stick Raequan Williams and Taylor Stallworth onto the practice squad, meaning they could be added to the active roster at any time. Yet, the depth and rotation could be a lot better than hoping the aforementioned names become the hopes of consistency in that department.

Right now, it seems like the Panthers are rolling with no legitimate nose tackle. I have voiced my thoughts on this matter on X/Twitter. Alas, I would still like to see the team add a true zero-technique to the roster - even if it's for the simple matter of depth.

With the expectation that Carolina's defensive line will be more of a flexible unit with Derrick Brown playing at the zero-technique on occasion, it's understandable in some ways why they are choosing to go on this route. Even so, injuries happen, which means resting hopes on Brown, Shy Tuttle, and DeShawn Willams to stay healthy all 17 games is risky.

I hope general manager Scott Fitterer adds at least another defensive lineman to the roster. Right now, it does not look great and the run defense could be a casualty.