3 guaranteed home runs from the Carolina Panthers' 2024 offseason

These moves were home-run hits for the Carolina Panthers.
David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper on the fringes

The Carolina Panthers have achieved nothing since David Tepper bought the franchise from Jerry Richardson for $2.275 billion. His erratic decisions and weird antics saw the team go from a respectable outfit into a laughingstock. Last season's capitulation when so much more was anticipated further disillusioned a fanbase in dire need of inspiration.

Tepper disgraced himself with a drink-throwing incident at the Jacksonville Jaguars that drew a fine from the league. Coupled with damning accusations of a toxic culture within the workplace, the billionaire's reputation took a significant hit.

This might be the best thing to happen, in all honesty. Tepper needed to take a good look in the mirror and listen to those around him who weren't pandering to his ego. Something had to change. This involved ownership heading to the fringes and letting qualified new appointments go about their business without someone always looking over their shoulder.

It was probably difficult for Tepper. At the same time, it was necessary.

Tepper is still around the place. He was seen in the draft room and is being kept closely informed of developments. However, the meddling ways of old seem to be in the rearview mirror based on what's transpired throughout the first offseason with Dan Morgan, Brandt Tilis, and Dave Canales in charge.

Fans remain skeptical that Tepper can hold his tongue long-term. He might return to his old self if the Panthers start poorly. For now, this newfound distance from key decisions is one of the undoubted positives from a frantic offseason.

Even with off-the-field matters such as the stadium renovations and new practice facility in Charlotte, the Panthers didn't want Tepper fronting the projects. He's burned a lot of bridges. He's often impulsive and hasn't left the best impression. Sitting on the proverbial sidelines and signing the checks seems like a win-win for everybody.

Tepper cares about the team, even if he hasn't gone about things effectively so far. If last season was the rude awakening he needed to take a back seat, the Panthers' woeful efforts weren't for nothing.