3 huge disappointments from Carolina Panthers' embarrassment vs. Colts

It was a significant step back for the Carolina Panthers...

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers turnovers

The Carolina Panthers lost in Week 9 by 14 points. This was also a direct result of quarterback Bryce Young giving up two pick-sixes during the worst performance of his professional career.

Young's growth since becoming the No. 1 overall selection has been encouraging more often than not. There are times when he makes rookie mistakes - which isn't uncommon - and this isn't the most ideal situation given the lack of pass-catching talent and the woeful offensive line in front of him.

That said, fans have every right to expect more from Young. The Panthers gave up a significant amount to move up eight spots in the draft, where they deemed the Alabama product and Heisman Trophy winner worthy of such a sacrifice.

This is coming into question thanks in no small part to C.J. Stroud's exceptional start to his NFL journey. Breaking the single-game rookie passing record and throwing five touchdowns as Young gave away three interceptions didn't help, either.

General manager Scott Fitterer said before the campaign this roster was built to drop in a quarterback and take off. That led to increased expectations that the personnel couldn't match - Young included.

As previously stated, the primary objective for the Panthers moving forward is Young's development. Just get through the season with no lasting damage and then do everything possible to surround their substantial investment with everything needed to thrive.

Anything else is complete malpractice.