3 immediate changes the Carolina Panthers must make in Week 5 at Lions

The time for action has arrived...
Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers play-calling

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Another game, another bland schematic concept implementation from the Carolina Panthers. The number of inside runs and screens was extraordinary - something the Minnesota Vikings figured out quickly to come from behind and attain their first win of the campaign.

This is an increasing frustration. There is an obvious lack of confidence in Bryce Young's ability to get the football downfield, especially when one considers the difference in Frank Reich's strategy when Andy Dalton went under center at the Seattle Seahawks.

You drafted the guy No. 1 overall for a reason. Now is the time to take off the training wheels and let Young do what he does best - dictate tempo with quick releases, improvise on the move, and rely on supreme accuracy at all three levels of the field.

Young made the best of a bad situation in Week 4, but he needs help from a scheme standpoint. It doesn't look like Reich is going to give up play-calling anytime soon, but incorporating some more innovative ideas from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown is absolutely imperative at the Detroit Lions and beyond.

Use some pre-snap motion, get creative on running plays rather than just bash Miles Sanders up the middle, and maybe even try a trick play here or there depending on the situation. What's the worst that could happen?

If it doesn't work, so what? It's not like Carolina's offense is setting the world alight as it is and who knows, it might be a shock the Lions don't see coming.