3 important observations from Carolina Panthers 2024 rookie minicamp

There was a lot to unpack.
Ja'Tavion Sanders
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Xavier Legette's work ethic

Seeing Xavier Legette strut his stuff was one of the more exciting aspects to monitor during the Carolina Panthers rookie minicamp. The physically imposing wide receiver was highly coveted by the organization throughout pre-draft assessments. When it seemed as if another team might be lurking in the shadows, Dan Morgan took matters into his own hands, trading up one spot to select the pass-catcher at No. 32 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Legette got the chance to showcase why the Panthers had so much faith in him for the first time as an NFL professional. The former South Carolina stud looks the part from a size perspective. He's well put together with the athleticism to match. It was a small sample size, but those in attendance seemed pleased with what they saw from the first-round pick.

There was no chance of Legette resting on his laurels upon joining the Panthers. He's heard all the criticism about his route tree and how he must improve when making this steep step up to the pro ranks. He's also been working exceptionally hard to silence his doubters based on comments via the team's website.

"That was the most important thing to me to really put emphasis on certain routes that the media was saying that I couldn't run, I wasn't able to run. But I can run any route in the route tree, I feel that. It's mostly my size. A lot of folks say a lot of bigger guy can't get in and out of their breaks, but I want to show them different."

This strong work ethic is going to stand Legette in tremendous stead. It won't be easy and there will be some growing pains, but the wideout needs to keep improving every day, rely on the exceptional support system around him, and trust the coaching staff to put him in positions to thrive while progressing all areas of his game.

If he can do that, everything else should take care of itself.