3 important things Carolina Panthers fans want to see in 2024

The pressure is on to improve.
Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers fans want to see more wins

This is what it's all about.

If the Carolina Panthers want to be perceived differently, they need to start winning more games. It's that simple.

The Panthers have been a proverbial dumpster fire since David Tepper bought the franchise from Jerry Richardson. Matt Rhule promised big things but delivered almost nothing. Frank Reich didn't have the energy needed to galvanize an organization on its knees. Previous general manager Scott Fitterer mortgaged the team's future with wayward trades and bad contracts to veterans who couldn't meet expectations.

Last year's two-win campaign was arguably the worst in franchise history after so much hope beforehand. It shouldn't be difficult for Dave Canales to attain extra victories during his first season at the helm. How many more triumphs this team is capable of remains to be seen.

Not many in the national media are anticipating a huge leap forward in 2024. Most expect the Panthers to have the league's worst record once again. Others place the ceiling at anywhere between 5-to-8 wins. The first few games will tell fans plenty about what their squad could potentially accomplish under Canales' expert leadership.

Regardless of which way it goes, Tepper must have patience. Canales and Dan Morgan implemented a long-term plan for gradual growth. The billionaire hedge fund manager has to stay the course this time. Anything less would turn fans away for good.

The Panthers find themselves in an interesting predicament in 2024. Having such low expectations might be a good thing. It takes the pressure off and allows Canales to be creative in pursuit of progress. The pressure will arrive once this team is in a position to contend.

Fans want to be inspired after almost a decade in the doldrums. They want to feel part of something special. Alienating them any further is not an option for Tepper if he wants to earn their respect.