3 injured Carolina Panthers set for monumental bounce-back seasons in 2024

The road to redemption is on...
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Which injured Carolina Panthers players could be set for monumental bounce-back seasons under head coach Dave Canales in 2024?

The Carolina Panthers are quietly going about their business this offseason. There's been a newfound sense of professionalism implemented by Dan Morgan and Brandt Tilis, which was a far cry from previous regimes and further evidenced by getting stud defensive lineman Derrick Brown's contract extension worked out well ahead of time.

Nobody is getting too carried away, but there are real signs of encouragement at a time when fans were crying out for hope. Not everyone agreed with Morgan's appointment, but it's hard not to be impressed with how quickly he's reinstalled a sense of belief.

Of course, this counts for nothing if the Panthers cannot make on-field strides. Everyone needs to get on the same page when preparations begin. Carolina also needs a little bit of luck on the health front, especially where returning stars are concerned.

With this in mind, here are three injured Panthers players who could be in line for monumental bounce-backs in 2024.

Austin Corbett - Carolina Panthers C

Last season was another frustrating one for Austin Corbett. After working exceptionally hard to come back from a torn ACL suffered in Week 18 of the 2022 campaign, the interior offensive lineman lasted just four games and 257 offensive snaps before going down with another knee complication.

All signs point to Corbett making a recovery in time for the season. He'll also be making a positional switch to the center spot after the Carolina Panthers signed Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis in free agency.

Some questions about whether Corbett can adjust are warranted. However, if this comes off as the Panthers expect, it could be a masterstroke from those in power.