3 key traits Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper needs in his next head coach

David Tepper needs to look for these traits before he makes his next hire.

David Tepper
David Tepper / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers need a true leader of men to turn the franchise around. Find out what qualities the next head coach should possess.

Another year, another offseason of uncertainty for the Carolina Panthers. It’s hard to imagine the team going anywhere but up after posting arguably the worst season in the franchise’s relatively short history. But who knows at this point?

Frank Reich was canned midway through the season after just one measly win over the resurgent Houston Texans, who were able to turn their entire franchise around in a matter of one offseason. Scott Fitterer was finally fired early on Black Monday. He looked doomed after head-scratching trades and nonsensical draft selections for three years.

David Tepper is 0 for plenty in these types of decisions, dating back to retaining Marty Hurney after letting go of Ron Rivera, and including but unfortunately not limited to the hiring of Matt Rhule. One would think it would get better after that, but look at where we stand.

It's a shame other teams that have been in terrible situations for as long as the Panthers are seemingly on the come-up (peep the Detroit Lions and Texans), while Tepper’s team is somehow regressing annually.

Let’s just get right into it, the issue is Tepper himself. No ifs or buts about it.

The hedge fund manager doesn’t understand what it takes to win. Nor does he understand an owner’s place in the grand scheme of football operations. Tepper wants to be able to take credit for all of the team’s successes. When you are proving yourself wrong time and time again, something has to give.

This time, Tepper needs to look for these key traits in the next person to lead his franchise.