3 keys objectives for the Carolina Panthers in Week 9 vs. Colts

Getting this done would do their chances an untold amount of good.

Jonathan Mingo
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Carolina Panthers must avoid complacency

A win is something to be celebrated - especially after the season the Carolina Panthers have had so far. However, you cannot let that excitement morph into complacency.

The Panthers won this game for a reason. A lot of that had to do with the chip on their shoulder and the desperation to prove the NFL wrong.

After weeks of hearing just how bad they were and how there was no hope, the team finally proved everyone wrong. But that isn't enough.

For the Panthers to keep on winning, they have to keep that chip - that desperation for the win. Any kind of motivation that results in the same level of commitment.

Keep that fire, that passion, and by any means necessary attitude. Because if the Panthers lose that, then it loses its greatest weapon going forward.

There is still nothing for this team to lose, so keep trying new things, be creative, take risks. Anything to keep the fanbase and the players engaged and buying into the new culture that is being formed under Frank Reich - a man who'll want this game more than any other after getting fired by the Indianapolis Colts in 2022.

The Panthers have a real chance to build something. Therefore, the last thing they need is to see all that work go down the drain with a heartbreaking defeat in Week 9.