3 keys to victory for the Carolina Panthers vs. Vikings in Week 4

This is a must-win game for the Carolina Panthers.
Miles Sanders
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Carolina Panthers must be prepared

The Matt Rhule era with the Carolina Panthers is one that every fan would like to forget sooner rather than later. One of the hallmarks of this was a distinct lack of preparedness for any situation.

Sadly this has seemingly continued into the beginning of Frank Reich's tenure with the team.

No better proof needs to be shown for this fact other than the truly ridiculous amount of false starts the team committed on Sunday. Half of which were on the shoulders of Ikem Ekwonu alone.

Beyond the ability to deal with the crowd noise, it seems like the Panthers are going into every game in exactly the same manner and with the same game plan. The playbook is dull and uninventive, adjustments are non-existent, and the team as a whole just seems lost.

Whether the answer is in a new play caller or a change in philosophy, nobody truly knows. But there needs to be a long look at the preparation that Carolina is implementing right now because it clearly is not enough.