3 keys to a vital victory for the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 at Seahawks

Hayden Hurst
Hayden Hurst / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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What keys to victory must the Carolina Panthers accomplish during their Week 3 showdown at the Seattle Seahawks to get out of an early season slump?

The Carolina Panthers need a win in the worst possible way going into Week 3 and it has little to do with positioning within the division or even some far-off aspirations of a playoff berth. But this may be too tough a challenge to overcome after the loss of Bryce Young to an ankle injury.

It has been almost 10 years since the Panthers last got close to the ultimate glory of lifting a Super Bowl and it is beginning to show. This era of disappointment laced with hope has taken a toll on the team and fanbase alike.

Week 2 did little to encourage Panthers fans of anything changing after another dismal offensive performance. This was further complicated by the injury the rookie quarterback sustained, which was the worst-case scenario for Carolina.

Just like the last several years, there are questions on offense that have no clear answer and it is getting very old to witness year in, year out. Something has to change and it has to change soon.

The problem with the place the Panthers find themselves is that nothing will come easy for the foreseeable future. They face an absolute gauntlet of upcoming games starting with the resurgent Seattle Seahawks.

Between Geno Smith revitalizing his career and Pete Carrol's usual stellar coaching, the Seahawks are always a tough out. They also managed to grind out a win over the Detroit Lions in Week 2, which is no small feat.

The Panthers need a win with their veteran backup taking the helm, but this Seahawks team will not go lightly. So what are the keys to a much-needed victory in Week 3?