3 keys to a vital victory for the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 at Seahawks

Hayden Hurst
Hayden Hurst / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers must push the football downfield

The biggest issue with the Carolina Panthers offense as it stands has been an issue since Cam Newton first injured his shoulder. A lack of any kind of deep threat.

Teddy Bridgewater was ousted mostly due to a lack of any downfield attack. The same can be said for both Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.

Carolina's fanbase can see the trajectory of the NFL and what it takes to win in this league. This centers on a potent passing attack to open up the run.

Without the ability to attack down the field, a defense can sit on those intermediate routes and load up in the box to stop the run. Not to mention the lack of explosive plays that come from a conservative offensive scheme like the Panthers have employed as of late.

Whether this is due to simply conservative play-calling or a lack of trust in Bryce Young's arm doesn't matter. It has to change and maybe it will with Andy Dalton taking over.

Dalton is not the superstar of old, but there is still plenty left in the arm and that has to be exploited. Most rookie quarterbacks shouldn't start in their first season and this may be the break Young needs to get things right.

With that said, the Seattle Seahawks have vulnerabilities in pass defense with the right game plan. At this point what harm could it do to run some deep routes?

The Panthers have nothing to lose, so just drive the ball down the field and try to get something to make the fans excited.