3 looming decisions facing the Carolina Panthers over second half of 2023

Bryce Young and David Tepper
Bryce Young and David Tepper / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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How can the Carolina Panthers help Bryce Young?

As C.J. Stroud enters the NFL MVP conversation after leading the Houston Texans to another memorable victory at the Cincinnati Bengals, Bryce Young's struggles are being highlighted more than ever. The No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft hasn't gotten close to reaching the heights attained by the player taken one spot after, but these contrasting fortunes need context attached.

The Texans are set up for success. While Scott Fitterer falsely claimed the Carolina Panthers were ready to drop in a quarterback and take off, Houston's moves throughout the offseason were more in keeping with what was required.

Young has no consistent protection from the offensive line. There is no stable rushing attack. The wide receivers cannot seem to get open. Carolina's offensive schematic concepts are beyond bland.

The Heisman Trophy winner should be doing better - he'll freely admit that. But the lack of talent around him is causing the once unflappable signal-caller to become rattled, frustrated, and everything in between.

This cannot continue. Carolina's biggest remaining question over the second half of 2023 is identifying what they need to do throughout the offseason to build around Young - although this looks pretty obvious based on what's unfolded up to now.

Young's development is the most important thing above all else. Almost no quarterback would thrive in this environment, so putting the right pieces in place and catering the offensive scheme to the former Alabama star's strengths is of paramount importance.