3 major observations from Bryce Young's performance vs. the Saints in Week 2

How did the No. 1 pick fare on Monday Night Football?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's accuracy when windows open

Much has been made about the Carolina Panthers' wide receiving core not creating enough separation consistently. This is becoming a major complication and unless things change sooner rather than later, it's going to be a long season for rookie quarterback Bryce Young.

The former Alabama star is not without his faults, he is only in Year No. 1 of his professional career after all. However, Monday's game was evidence enough of how accurate Young can be when windows do open.

Young completed 66.66 percent of his passes, which is pretty encouraging against a defense that boasts playmakers at all three levels. The Heisman Trophy winner didn't throw an interception, found the end-zone once, and finished with a 60.7 QBR from just 153 passing yards.

There was very little to show in terms of chunk plays, which was something the Panthers and Young wanted to see more of after Week 1. But if those around are incapable of getting that separation or stretching the field consistently, the signal-caller has no choice but to take a more conservative approach.

Looking back at the All-22 tape, it's not even the scheme per se - although this also needs a little refinement from a creativity standpoint. All this centers on players getting open for Young because if this increases, he's got the credentials to make things happen.