3 major observations from Bryce Young's performance vs. the Saints in Week 2

How did the No. 1 pick fare on Monday Night Football?

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Carolina Panthers are failing Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers aren't doing enough or haven't done enough to help Bryce Young. Until they do, expecting anything less than the same results would be foolish.

Carolina made a big investment in Young this offseason. However, it's evident the supporting cast surrounding their rookie sensation isn't up to the required standard.

This is a collection of draft picks that don't appear to be working out and suspect veterans acquired via trade or in free agency. The pass-catchers acquired by the Panthers aren't helping Young and seem incapable of getting the separation needed to make things easier.

In fairness to the offensive line, they are making the best of a bad situation without Brady Christensen and Austin Corbett. If Young's hanging onto the football for too long, it's because there is absolutely nobody available to receive it.

Questions are being asked of the front office as a result. It's only been two games and things could improve, but when 33-year-old Adam Thielen is your most consistent route runner, Carolina has a problem.

If those in power cannot find or don't want to sacrifice the necessary resources to make another bold splash, then the onus is on Frank Reich and the coaching staff on offense to scheme things up better. It's not been terrible so far, but something has to change to compensate for the talent deficiency visible within the wide receiver room.

Then, and only then, will the Panthers see what Young is truly made of.