3 matchups worth watching during Carolina Panthers vs. Cowboys in Week 11

Keep an eye on these matchups in Week 11...
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What matchups are worth watching when the Carolina Panthers take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 at Bank of America Stadium?

Well, whatever hope the Carolina Panthers may have had following a shocking victory over the Houston Texans was rather abruptly pulled from under them over the past two weeks.

Undrafted rookie Tyson Bagent outplayed Bryce Young on Thursday night and the Panthers fell to the Chicago Bears. A game that the team should have won and had every chance to, but simply couldn't put the drives together to make that happen.

Young was able to bounce back after throwing three interceptions against the Indianapolis Colts and play turnover-free football, but that was the only bright spot in an otherwise underwhelming performance. Something the fanbase has become used to at this point.

Things are getting dangerously thin for a team that is already searching for itself.

This season is all but over in terms of reaching the postseason. There is nothing to aim for other than figuring out exactly what this team has as far as coaching and personnel.

Is there any real hope that the Panthers can stun the Dallas Cowboys? There is a reason they play the game after all, but there is nothing that the team can do against that powerhouse.

However, that doesn't mean that there isn't something of value to be garnered here. So what matchups can Panthers fans look at to see what may be in store for the future?