3 NFL Draft decisions the Carolina Panthers might regret in 2024

Could the Carolina Panthers live to regret these draft decisions?
Dan Morgan
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It wasn't easy for the Carolina Panthers during the 2024 NFL Draft. Dan Morgan didn't have a first-round pick initially, which wasn't ideal for the league's worst team in 2024. Some have accused them of shopping hungry throughout the process, but one could also say this organization is starving for talent after one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

Morgan has a plan in place and hasn't deviated from that whatsoever. Helping quarterback Bryce Young reach his ceiling is the biggest priority above all else based on the moves made this offseason. That could potentially result in defensive struggles, but the new general manager feels like it's a risk worth taking.

Nobody knows how Carolina's draft class - or any draft class for that matter - is going to work out. One need look no further than the 2021 quarterback prospects to see that. Once touted as an elite-level group, all the top names aside from Trevor Lawrence have been traded and are now occupying backup roles. It's not an exact science, so we'll just have to wait and see how things play out in the coming years.

With that being said, here are three 2024 NFL Draft decisions the Panthers might come to regret.

Carolina Panthers didn't draft a center

With Austin Corbett's recent injury history and the fact he's never taken a competitive snap at the center position, many analysts thought the Carolina Panthers would secure a long-term option during the 2024 NFL Draft. This was a deep group for offensive linemen across the board, but Dan Morgan resisted the temptation.

Even when the likes of Zach Frazier and Jackson Powers-Johnson became available in the second round, they were ignored. Morgan did sign Andrew Raym when the undrafted free-agent frenzy began. However, asking him to become a primary backup without making significant strides is risky business.

Morgan seems confident enough in Corbett's position switch despite the red flags attached. The general manager also revealed that Brady Christensen had been taking snaps at the center spot. But again, he's not exactly the most experienced operating as the anchor and primary communicator.

Not taking a center from a talented group of draft prospects was surprising. It's also something Morgan might come to regret.