3 pivotal matchups the Carolina Panthers must win at Seahawks in Week 3

The Carolina Panthers have to win these matchups in Week 3.

Jonathan Mingo
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Carolina Panthers WR Jonathan Mingo vs. Seahawks CBs

Wide receiver is a position that the Carolina Panthers have tried to get right for a very long time. They finally seemed to have something with the addition of D.J. Moore - only for the team to trade him away for the top selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

This isn't to say that the particular move was not worth the cost, the jury is still out on this. However, it was still a hefty price to pay. A price that is already showing its detrimental effects.

The Panthers already struggled to get anything done beyond Moore for years, trying desperately to find that complimentary piece. And now the problem is even worse with Adam Thielen being the only real target for Bryce Young to throw to.

No one is getting open and no one is helping Young out in the slightest when plays break down. These are both things that the Panthers brought in Jonathan Mingo to do.

The Panthers need Mingo to step up in a bad way as it doesn't look like anyone else will at this point. There needs to be a spark - something to get this offense going and the young receiver has all the talent to make that happen. It just needs to be realized quickly.

Pass defense has not been the strong suit of the Seattle Seahawks in recent seasons, so this might be exactly the type of game that Mingo needs to get something going. To finally break out and give Carolina another weapon on the outside, or any weapon for that matter.