3 potential Carolina Panthers replacements for Bradley Bozeman in 2024

Another established veteran needs to be replaced...

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Carolina Panthers could draft Sedrick Van Pran

If the Carolina Panthers truly embrace a long-term rebuild around Bryce Young, then going down the draft route for their Bradley Bozeman replacement cannot be dismissed. This also has plenty of benefits attached given the offensive line class emerging from the college ranks in 2024 is incredibly deep.

Not having a first-round selection isn't ideal, but there should be plenty of value further down the pecking order for the Panthers to utilize. Finding the right prospects was a difficult task for the last two regimes more often than not. Hopefully, the new power couple of Dan Morgan and Dave Canales can change all that as part of their ambitious plans for progress.

Carolina could do far worse than examine Sedrick Van Pran's capabilities in greater detail. The Georgia prospect looks like a Day 1 starter providing some technical aspects are worked out throughout the offseason. He looks well suited to Canales' blocking demands and comes to the NFL following a glittering career with the Bulldogs.

Van Pran is equally adept at pass-protecting or carving out holes in the running game. He's explosive to the point of attack and is highly intelligent. Once he has leverage, the center rarely comes out on the losing end.

There are some difficulties once he gets moved immediately off the block. Van Pran can find it difficult to regain the upper hand in these scenarios, but there's a lot to like about his chances of successfully filling the gaping void left by Bozeman.