3 pressing Carolina Panthers priorities after Derrick Brown extension

There is still a lot of hard work ahead...
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Carolina Panthers must successfully navigate the draft

With free agency firmly in the rearview mirror - or at least the best part - those around the league are firmly focused on the 2024 NFL Draft. Even though the Carolina Panthers don't have a first-round selection to call upon, they boast seven other picks across the remaining rounds for Dan Morgan to utilize.

Morgan needs to do a better job of drafting than those who came before. He's a respected talent evaluator and knows exactly what he's looking for. Navigating his first draft as general manager successfully will be an integral piece of the puzzle.

Some needs are more glaring than others. That said, Morgan wants to draft the best prospects available at all times. One couldn't dismiss the possibility of trading down - especially early in the second round - to pick up more assets this year and potentially next. nothing should be off the table for a two-win team beginning a substantial rebuild.

Approaching the selection process with a level of calmness and professionalism would be a good place to start. The previous regime opted to panic more often than not to their detriment. Morgan cannot do the same if he wants to continue winning people around.

If the Panthers can emerge from the draft with immediate help and prospects with long-term upside, it'll be considered a success. Anything less could jeopardize their chances of making strides during the team's first season under new head coach Dave Canales.